Teen Empowerment Uganda
(TEU) is a nongovernmental organization aimed at empowering teenage girls and boys to make positive choices that will enable them live powerful, productive lives.
Bagonza James - Male
"It is good seeing our prefects are also picking rubbish and sweeping like the rest of us. I feel good requesting a prefect to pick a paper that had been left behind and does it without having to shout" commented Bagonza
James, one of the group leaders after a voluntary
clean-up exercise at St. Theresa Primary School.

Along Mary -
Along Mary says, "I thought we were going to be caned
but I felt happy with what we did. I learnt a lot from
my friends that I did not know before".

Latim Arnold -
The teen empowerment activities are practical. We learn by doing interesting things like making books. “says Latim Arnold .
Martina Nabuzale - Female
Martina Nabuzale says, "I felt nervous before the self
awareness exercise but now I am confident"

Ayet Joseph -
Ayetu Joseph 14 years in primary six St. Theresa Primary School said he felt he belongs to the school after the community service clean-up exercise without prefects running after him. "I felt good working willingly
with my friends as we joked and talked…we should do this often," he further added.

"The teen empowerment, activities are practical. We learn by doing interesting things"