Teen Empowerment Uganda
(TEU) is a nongovernmental organization aimed at empowering teenage girls and boys to make positive choices that will enable them live powerful, productive lives.
Make a donation to TEU
Cash contributions, in-kind donations and contributions
of equipment or volunteer time are always appreciated.

If you would like to make a contribution,
please contact us during business hours (10am to 6pm)

(+276) 712-851-838 or

Be part of the local movement to empower and transform
the vulnerable young people in Uganda!
Grants and Sponsors
Currently TEU is running with support from individuals,
who volunteer their time and skill to provide mentoring
to teens.

However as we grow we hope TEU will be funded by a
mix of grants and contributions from different sources
including government programs, corporations, community
organizations, private foundations, and individuals like

Our main technical partner currently is:
iLEAP Centre for Critical Service